Joint Ventures

Collaborations that helped STATO BRADIPO® in improving and growing

SPAZIO 14 Handbag®Creative Laboratory

SPAZIO 14 is the excellent artisan creative workshop: ceramics, pottery, iron wire sculptures, paintings, graphic design, affiches, clothes, furniture, bags in recycled material … all entirely created in Castiglione di Cervia.

SPAZIO 14 store houses the creations of Handbag®, Fraiese creative projects and STATO BRADIPO®.

The result of two enterprising creative souls who have been able to create an original and artistic lifestyle from scratch, the first ever supporters of STATO BRADIPO® (…but especially, they’re my parents.)

Handbag® SPAZIO 14 instagram

Pedro Correiaphotographer & videomaker

When life gives you the encounter with a creative person, try your best and bring out something good! Thanks to Pedro’s inventiveness and passion, we can watch the first STATO BRADIPO® video promo, the result of an unexpected encounter on the island of Fuerteventura.

Working with Pedro was simple, fun and stimulating, in two days we collected enough photos and useful footage and in another two days Pedro made the two promotional videos that now represent STATO BRADIPO®.

Pedro manages to capture representative moments, he knows how to work and shoot discreetly, managing to represent a lifestyle through his photos and videos. His work is the ideal combination of good eyes, technique and sincere passion, the best ingredients for any result that stands out. We look forward to working with this young talent again!

If you are looking for a photographer and video maker with excellent energy, character and practical sense, Pedro Correia is a certainty! – currently in Portugal

Pedro Correia instagram

LapisCreative Typography

Every respectable creative needs a trusted print shop, and we have it right next to home and surrounded by a green flourish garden. Lapis is a creative typography: it graphically designs an idea, builds it and then prints it. Lapis is the most humane and collaborative typography that we could find, they are always available for any kind of advice, innovative project and we love them for their craftsmanship.

Thanks to Lapis, who accompanied us from the first stickers to our tags, enthusiastic ambassadors of a reality where you can do a job full of energy and innovation. Lapis is a typography of character, with an expert staff and always with the idea ready.

A unique, creative and enterprising typography: Lapis! In Castiglione di Cervia.

Lapis – instagram

ME.PER.EDisillusioned Drawings

When your best friend is also an illustrator and a creative mind, only good results can come out.

ME.PER.E is a young art teacher with a fresh sense of humor on and right brash, her designs are catching on in the Romagna region for covers of music bands and tattoos. Her style is delicate and unconventional, with simple black lines combining basic graphics with his naturally comic personality, for an easily lovable result.

We dedicate the merit to her for the STATO BRADIPO® T-shirts hand-printed with silk-screen printing technique,, which she has personally been interested in and which has united us further in this search for new experiments.

You can buy T-shirts, shoppers or your next tattoo with the Disillusioned Designs ME.PER.E by contacting her directly through her Instagram profile!

ME.PER.E instagram