About me

I’m Nina Benini Frajese a 24-years-old creative italian girl, generally lucky, daughter of artists and creator of STATO BRADIPO®.

I grew up in an always stimulating and very free environment, in a Home-laboratoury in Castiglione di Cervia, Emilia Romagna, ITALY. Between walks on the river, friends, colors, brushes, hammers, nails, clay and sewing machines I have experienced daily creativity, learning from my parents that in life you can get where you want, if you trust and respect others. Believing in a project is the first step in the realization of it and so I have always believed in myself, sometimes getting discouraged and many times making mistakes, but always with a happy ending.

I always thought about developing a clothing brand, starting to sew and hand-print T-shirts at home when I was fifteen.

After graduating at the Liceo Artistico in Ravenna, and a first experience on a surfboard, I experimented the first best year of my life: traveling and working in Western Australia living in a yellow van. An adventure that definitively marked my ideal of life: free, enterprising and creative.

This is how STATO BRADIPO® was born: to follow a lifestyle that inspired me, partly for fun and partly for provocation against the frenetic life rhythm that just doesn’t suit me.

STATO BRADIPO® was born without a straight direction, at the beginning I sewed unique pieces, following notions of basic modeling. On August 19th 2017 mom gives me the first prototype of a long-sleeved swimsuit, obviously sewn by her… the first sketch of a project that developed in the following months, up to the realization of the WELCKERI model the STATO BRADIPO®‘s surfsuit for exellence.

I spent the winter 2017 on the island of Fuerteventura, selling STATO BRADIPO®’s creations at the markets, some made in the home-laboratory in Castiglione di Cervia and others made in a garage rented on the island, with a table and two sewing machines. This is how I started sewing beanies, key rings, T-shirts, always inspired by that calm and free lifestyle that I found in Fuerteventura, between surf, sun and tranquility.

This path has inspired me more and more, directing me towards a concept of alternative clothing, with the need to learn more about the textile and stylistic universe. In winter 2018 I put my roots in Emilia Romagna, starting from a professional modeling class for seawear that allowed me to meet incredible women, masters of knowledge and with a life of experience in the beachwear sector. Thanks to the notions transmitted by these incredible guides, STATO BRADIPO® presents its first real collection: Summer 2019 a collection made with attention to the smallest details, with criteria, method and sincere passion; using first choice Italian fabric (arrived unespected as a waste from a high fashion costumes brand in Emilia). I did my best to create double-sided costumes, encouraging the chromatic and stylistic combination of different models, making this collection as versatile and functional as possible.

The 2020 collection has been the maximum creative expression that I could imagine, the result of all the experiences accumulated in recent years and also outlined by a good dose of instinct that, fortunately, I do not miss for certain things 🙂
The 2020 collection is the synthesis of the best models and is uplifted from special prints, created by me and printed on Italian lycra in recycled fiber! A goal that I kept in my drawer for years, especially the super fantasy WorldMap. It took nine months to see it realized, between a pandemic and a crowd-founding organized in a moment of uncertainty and difficulty, which allowed me to collect € 5,000 in just twenty-five days! Thanks to the presale of bikinis, T-shirts and other accessories . It was an incredible experience, I received the support of many people and I had the confirmation that the commitment in this brand has paid off and it’s worth it!
CLICK HERE to see the crowd-founding project

STATO BRADIPO® started from me, but it developed thanks to all those who believed in it, who helped, who criticized, who donated something and who smiled reading the name. STATO BRADIPO® I hope it will be a choice for others, an invitation to follow your own rhythm, which can help to sensitize the concept of clothing and which will give other small artisan brands a chance to collaborate and grow together.

I made myself a promise: I will always carry on, I will always travel and I will always be happy. Will I respect it?

Of course yes.


Thanks Mum, you taught me to love the art of sewing, how to make piadina, and oh well you taught me everything else..